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Your business has a technology problem and V3C installs, upgrades, manages and secures your devices to eliminate technology problems.

Your small businesses wants a reliable, secure information technology system, and V3C builds and manages those.


The US division of your global company needs local support that meets overall corporate standards.  V3C is your local technology support vendor.

Network Management
Relax knowing we secure and manage your infrastructure, including servers, PCs, Macs, tablets and phones.

Cloud Migration
Reduce your capital outlay and increase security.  We help you determine what parts of your technology works best as a service.

Technology Consulting
Your problem is you need a plan, or documentation or an evaluation performed.  V3C provides documentation and evaluation services.

Your business needs its technology -- computers, tablets, phones and everything your personnel create.  V3C eliminates technology problems that hold you back.

Worldwide Client Base
Configuration Problems?

Our clients maintain headquarters throughout the world: Israel, Germany, Japan, Netherlands and elsewhere.

Does your organization lag behind its peers in using technology?  V3C has twenty years of skill in getting you back on track.

ISO 27000, HIPAA Security
Unsure About All That Data?

Have you been requested to verify yourself to ISO 27000?  HIPAA requirements?  V3C can help.

You'e accumulated years of data.  Do you actually analyze it?  Is it strategic?  Do you protect it?  Are you unsure?  We can answer these questions and provide plans and technology to protect your company's greatest asset, its data.

V3C eliminates technology problems.  Your firm's continued success depends upon its data.  Leave securing, managing and providing new ideas in accessing and using it to V3C, experts with twenty years of experience eliminating technology problems.

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