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V3C Technology Solutions


Your company has problems.  You need to control the costs of your technology and yet provide the latest devices and services to be competitive.  V3C provides solutions based upon 20 years of evaluating, deploying and supporting the technology of business.


Network Evaluation, Design, Implementation and Support

You must continually address changes in technology to keep your business working at its best.  V3C evaluates existing infrastructure, designs solutions incorporating the most cost effective technology, implements the design and then supports the final product.  We eliminate technology problems, starting from determining the best methods to do so, all the way supporting them throughout their lifecycle.  We've done this for twenty years.

Cloud Evaluation, Integration and Migration

Your company must provide the highest return to its stakeholders possible.  That means reducing both capital expenditures and ongoing expenses.  It means providing data on whatever device your employees have available when they need the data, and in a secure manner.  It also means reducing risk through data and operational security and redundancy.  Outsourcing certain operations to Internet based service providers, typically referred to as "the cloud" works to solve many of these problems.  We evalute options, provide cost effective plans, integrate the cloud solutions and migrate existing systems to reduce costs and reduce risk.

Security Evaluation, Implementation and Ongoing Risk Management

Threats plague your business every day, whether you know it or not.  Malware, malcontent employees, criminal gangs and even Mother Nature conspire against you.  Security not only attempts to thwart these plagues, but to provide a means of counteracting losses when necessary.  You cannot defend against a hurricane.  V3C knows this, having guided its clients through several over the last few years.  We base our security measures not on specific technologies, which change constantly, but on the ISO 27000 series of security standards, which provide a method of constantly examining the security posture of your company and addressing these changes.

Technology Consulting and Analysis

Successful businesspeople, especially entrepreneurs, constantly evaluate what their firms are doing and where they are going. They need to know how they compare against their competition. They also use this information to understand risk and as an element of business valuation. In the area of technology, we refer to this as Technology Analysis. We examine and report on what technologies you use and how you use them, usually in the larger context of your competition or best practices and standards.


Choosing Formal or Informal Technology Analysis

The approach to system analysis and budgeting can be informal or formal, depending upon what the stakeholders or management are attempting to achieve. If the analysis is an attempt to determine how an established business fares against competitors, and is largely only for internal use and understanding, then an informal approach may prove meaningful and much less expensive than a formal analysis. A formal analysis makes sense, for example, if the systems analysis is part of merger and acquisition due diligence or as part of a business valuation project that will be presented to potential investors.


Really, It is About Valuation

Technology plays such a key role in all aspects of business, both operational and strategic, that it is difficult to perform valuations or determine the viability of a merger or acquisition without understanding which technologies are used in a business and how they are used. More importantly, knowing these things still begs the question of how well these technologies are used. Has the firm adhered to best practices? How does the technology affect the company’s culture? The firm talks a good game, but do they really use antiquated technologies? Have they streamlined their processes? Do they look at new innovations and incorporate technologies that will work for them? How well have they secured their data?

Technology Analysis helps answer these questions. Once these questions are answered, it also helps to determine what type of budget is required to get the firm where it needs to go. If you consider that all managers, even those of privately held firms, should constantly be evaluating a business in terms of its value to a potential outside buyer, then it becomes clear that technology analysis plays a key role in determining management’s effectiveness. We can help owners and managers better understand this component of business success. Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss how we can help your business understand where it stands and help plot its direction forward.


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