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About Us

Our Client Base


Here’s some quick information about Vectrocon. V3C technology consulting eliminates technology problems for businesses.  Our clients work in several industries, including manufacturing, distribution, finance, professional services, hospitality, marketing and medical.  Our clients typically have multiple locations and between 20 and 100 technology users.  They tend to be a mix of early and mainstream technology adopters.  They frequently have highly dispersed or mobile workforces in addition to fixed location personnel.  Many of our clients are subdivisions of international firms. Most of our clients use a hybrid of on-premise and cloud solutions.  Our clients have offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, New York and throughout the country.  Our clients have parent companies located in France, Israel, Australia, Germany and Japan.




Our Philosophy


We work with our clients to implement and maintain the most effective business solutions at the lowest cost.  Our clients always work directly with one of the firm’s owners.   Technology consulting at V3C is performed by a decision maker who is compensated directly in proportion to your continuing satisfaction. We have offered ongoing technical support, network and system design as well as business consulting services for twenty years.  We build long term relationships with our clients, guiding them through ongoing technology transitions.



The Impact of Internet, Wirless and Cloud

Recently, improved Internet speeds and a mobile workforce have made cloud computing very useful.  We build and maintain services to keep your data safe and easily accessible in the cloud.  The cloud provides easy access and better capabilities than most businesses can build on their own. V3C believes that our clients’ data is their most important asset.  We build reliable technology solutions.  We build accessible technology solutions.  We build secure technology solutions.  We provide consulting that allows you to understand the technologies that eliminate your problems.  We eliminate your technology problems and give you piece of mind.  We own our business and think like business professionals, not technophiles.  We balance cost against reliability and security and explain the trade-offs between recommended solutions. 

Key Personnel

Gordon Ott

Founder, President


Gordon founded The Vectrocon Computer Consulting Corporation (V3C) in 1995, after a successful tenure as IT Manager and technology specialist at a small manufacturing firm in New Jersey.  As IT Manager, he implemented a computer network that recorded and analyzed all financial and cost information across the enterprise in real time.  In 1995, such a system was a novelty, even for Global 1000 enterprises.  Gordon was responsible for procurement of software, hardware and training to implement the system.  He also implemented a full functional 3D CAD/CAM system that could import and render customer drawings and SLA models and then create machine tooling for investment casting, the primary product for the company.


Gordon’s stint caught the attention of several referring businesses, and Gordon left to start his own firm.  The Vectrocon Computer Consulting Corporation (V3C) now provides technology support, IT services, security and management consulting to companies throughout the US, including many international corporations.  Gordon lives in South Florida with his wife and three children.  In addition to technology consulting, Gordon is an avid cyclist, swimmer, musician and photographer, and takes full advantage of the beautiful weather of South Florida.


Peter Lampard

Managing Consultant



Peter originally hails from Nottingham, England, although he spent much of his early life abroad.  Peter has lived in the United States permanently since 2000, when he married Sandra, whom he had originally known as a young man in Louisiana and later in New Jersey.  


Peter joined Vectrocon in 2001.  He is Vectrocon's primary consultant.


Prior to his time in the United States, Peter was the technology specialist for a civil engineering firm in England.  Peter holds a civil engineering degree and was certified as a civil engineer in the UK.  Peter provides infrastructure, security and management consulting for his clients.

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