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V3C Services


V3C provides a range of services to eliminate technology problems for your business.  We perform both contract and time and materials work.  All engagements are hand tailored to meet the needs of the individual client.  We always provide intitial free consultations via phone, and then onsite, both as a protection to you, our potential client and to ourselves.  If it is V3C's opinion that we don't match, we will tell you so and pass on the engagement.

Technology Support: We provide onsite and remote support and monitoring of network infrastructure (servers, routers, switches, firewalls, etc.) and end user devices (PCs, tablets, Macs, smartphones, etc.).  We support clients with locations throughout the United States.  


Hardware, Software, Security, Cloud Services Purchase and Implementation:  We provide recommendation and implementation of network infrastructure and end user devices, security products and services and internet based services (cloud services).  We provide support for everything that we sell, and most of what we sell we use ourselves.

Vectrocon eliminates technology problems for our clients.  We do this through providing various services which revolve around selecting and implementing technology.  Increasingly, these technologies do not reside on the client's premises, but at various data centers attached to the Internet (the cloud).  In the past, our clients' data resided entirely within their own walls and was accessed from computers at those locations.  Now, our clients' data frequently resides in various locations and is just as likely to be accessed by a mobile worker on a smartphone, tablet or notebook computer as it is from a desktop in the office.  These changes require our clients to increasingly consider their technology support service provider as a consultant and coordinator, as opposed to purely the technology geek of times past.  V3Cs staff has always thought that technology serves business goals, in whatever form that technology may take, and our service model and twenty years of business prove that although technology evolves, the need to eliminate technology problems has not diminished, only changed in scope.   We welome the opportunity to eliminate technology problems for your business.

Service Contracts

Your business needs flexibility when engaging its technology partners.  V3C provides a variety of service contracts designed to meet the needs of our clients.


  • Service Monitoring

    • We provide monitoring of critical infrastructure.  As options, the service may include patch management, security monitoring and backup monitoring.  This contract is often used by clients whose business requires that they have an onsite staff person to handle general technology issues (largely because of specialized software or compliance requirements), but do not have the time or expertise to monitor their infrastructure and insure security compliance.  Clients who choose this service level often relegate more advanced projects to us under a time and materials contract.  We rarely provide this service as a standalone contract, as we have found over the years that it has minimal value to most of our clients, and other methods of service delivery hold more value.  However, some clients insist on using this service, and we will honor their desire.

    • Since we only monitor and do not remediate, we do not provide any type of guaranteed response time beyond the indication of problems.

  • Fixed Fee

    • For clients with minimal IT needs, or clients that must segregate capital projects from operating expenses either due to internal requirements or due to compliance requirements.  Fixed fee contracts bundle a specific set of IT services under a contract and guarantee a fixed price for the delivery of those services.  If you require a broad set of services, our risk of running into overages increases, and hence our costs will increase.  Note that if you check most "managed service provider" offerings, they claim a fixed fee, but they severly curtail the range of delivered services, often offering little more than monitoring without any remediation should a problem be discovered.  We do have clients that require this form of contract, and we will honor the client's requirement.

    • We guarantee response times under this contract type.

  • Progressive Billing Contracts

    • Most of our clients prefer this method of contracting with us.  A long time ago, we realized that most of our clients couldn't predict what would be required by their technology provider in advance.  For one thing, technology moved to quickly.  For another, most of our clients needed to interact with larger customers, whose needs might change rapidly and require a corresponding change in our clients' technology use.

    • You essentially contract with us for a block of hours, but we amortize the block over a year, so you essentially receive a one year interest free financing arrangement.  Hours unused at the end of the year are lost.  However, after twenty years, we have a very good idea of how many hours a client of a given size and in a given industry will utilize in a year.  Furthermore, we tend to keep our clients for many years, so we are loathe to underquote these contracts.

    • We provide monitoring contracts as part of this type of engagement, and backcharge the client in "hours" for the time and cost for us to monitor the client's systems.  Since the contract allows for us to remediate as well as monitor, most of our clients are much happier with this arrangement.

    • Because you share the risk with us, we can provide pricing that does not include a risk premium.  For most of our clients, this proves to be a cost savings over fixed fee contracts, where we must bear the brunt of the risk.  Also, becuase we are guaranteed a certain amount of revenue over the course of the contract, we can provide the best rates possible, again, because utilization of our resources is guaranteed and thereby risk is reduced.

    • Should clients rapidly expand their operations or require changes to their infrastructure (due to aging hardware or software, or a desire to move operations to the cloud or between cloud providers) we can and will either expand contracts at a reasonable fee or provide a time and materials contract at (or frequently below) contracted rates.

    • This is the most flexible of all of our contract styles.

    • We guarantee response times under this contract.

  • Time and Materials

    • This is the simplest of all contracts.  You tell us you want something done.  We take a look, and then based upon complexity we either quote you a price with deliverables, or tell you that we will need to charge you for even determining the deliverables.  Obviously, the more unique and detailed the requirements, the more time it will take us to create a solution, and the more likely we will determine that we need to charge you for our expertise in crafting that solution.

    • This also works for clients with very limited technology support and network support needs that simply cannot afford a fixed fee or Progressive Billed contract.

    • We do not guarantee response times under this contract type.


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